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MyUCDavis – a basic tutorial


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What is MyUCDavis?

The MyUCDavis web portal is your link to features and campus services relevant to you as a student, faculty, or staff employee at UC Davis. This brief orientation introduces the main features available via MyUCDavis.

MyUCDavis key features

  • Web-based email
  • DaFIS and PPS decision support
  • Material management services, including online ordering
  • Direct deposit enrollment
  • At Your Service Online, retirement, and benefits information
  • News and events
  • Final grading
  • Course information
  • Student registration dashboard
  • Targeted messages and information


Accessing MyUCDavis

Because MyUCDavis is a secure site, you need to know your LoginID (user name) and Kerberos passphrase to access it.

To obtain a LoginID and Kerberos passphrase, visit computingaccounts.ucdavis.edu. You will need your employee or student ID to set up an account.

Once you know your LoginID and passphrase, return to my.ucdavis.edu, click on “Enter MyUCDavis Now” or “Students, Faculty and Staff,” and then sign in at the prompt.

Note: New accounts will need to wait 24 hours for the information to get pushed to MyUCDavis before logging in.


Main Page elements

MyUCDavis main page

When you log in to MyUCDavis, the first page you will see is your Main Page. From this page, you can access the other features on MyUCDavis by clicking the tabs. Clicking on a tab will present you with a list of features from which to choose. Clicking on the “My Classes” tab, for example, will give you these options:

  • Classes I’m Taking – Information about the classes you (as a student) are taking in the current term.
  • Classes I’m Teaching – Information about the classes you (as an instructor) are teaching in the current term.
  • Final Grades – Allows instructors and specially designated individuals to enter final grades.
  • SmartSite – Quick link to SmartSite.


Customizing your portal

MyUCDavis General Options Page

To customize your page, click on “My Options” and then click on “Edit Channels.” You will see this page. In addition to the options shown here, you can change your portal color scheme (click on “Settings”), change tab order and content (under “Edit Menu”), and grant proxy access to your MyUCDavis page (under “Portal Proxy”).


Using email

Depending on which email service you use, you can access your messages through MyUCDavis. To access messages, click on the “My Tools” tab, then click on “Email.” You can also click on the “Email” icon at the top of the Main Page. (If you use DavisMail or uConnect, you will be redirected to those services.)


Getting help with MyUCDavis

For more about the MyUCDavis web portal, click on “MyUCDavis Help,” which you will find in the upper right corner of the navigation frame. You may also contact the IT Express Computing Services Help Desk at 530 754-HELP (4357). It is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily except weekends and holidays.