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IET Report : Educational


This section outlines some of IET's projects and service enhancements in support of UC Davis instructors and students. Often found within this section are the latest news on educational technology and media services available to instructors for both classes and research, and information about campus computer rooms.

Online Courses & Educational Tools

Mediaworks Works with Instructors to Stream Lectures, Provide Web Search

During Winter 2005, the IET-Mediaworks Video/Audio Group worked with a number of instructors to utilize multimedia services as part of their classes. Mediaworks assisted Diana Myles by videotaping and streaming 23 lectures of her Winter BIS 104 Regulation of Cell Function course. Mediaworks also partnered with Automatic Sync Technologies to create Closed Captions for each lecture and provide a Web search function that allows the students to search each streaming lecture by keyword or phrase. The impact of this technology on teaching/learning is being assessed by Barbara Sommers from the Teaching Resources Center. For more information about how IET can assist with multimedia services, see mediaworks.ucdavis.edu or call (530) 752-2133.

Computer Labs & Classrooms

Printers Upgraded in MU Station and Hart Computer Labs

As part a sustained effort to improve existing services and address customer requests for faster printing, IET upgraded the printers in 117 MU (The Station), 1101 Hart, and 1102 Hart. These high-speed printers can print 55 pages per minute, with the first sheet being printed under 8 seconds. This upgrade has already help alleviate long print queues by reducing bottlenecks during peak printing hours, thus reducing the time clients spend waiting for print jobs to complete. Additionally, these new printers have duplexers that reduce paper usage.

Given this successful pilot, this printer model is expected to be used across all labs by the start of the 2005-2006 academic year.

Hart Hall Media Distribution Lab VHS and DVD Viewing Stations Upgraded

In order to maintain technically viable services, IET upgraded the VHS and DVD viewing stations in the 1101 Hart Hall Media Distribution Lab (MDL) during Winter 2005. CLM installed 21 new VHS/DVD combo players to increase the number of available DVD players without diminishing the availability of heavily utilized VHS players. During the last fiscal year, there were 8,642 VHS and DVD checkouts.

Along with these VHS/DVD combo players, new 14" Toshiba TVs were purchased and installed. These new TVs will improve picture quality and provide stereo sound output. With the addition of new stereo headphones to all A-V stations, the Media Distribution Lab can now offer consistent and improved sound.

Media Equipment Upgrades Continue in General Assignment Classrooms

IET, through its Classroom Technology Services (CTS) unit, has embarked on an upgrade of the media equipment in several general assignment classrooms. The Art Department has requested dual data projection capability in two of the art classrooms and other instructors have requested better projectors to accommodate higher resolutions for images. This request has prompted an extensive replacement of 40 data projectors that will take place during Summer 2005. The current models are 5-6 years old and starting to cause excessive maintenance issues due to old technology and low projection capablities.

MyCapJr VCR decoders were also installed into two classrooms to accommodate closed captioning viewing, replaced 10 Audience Response System receivers in two classrooms with new versions for testing by Physics and Astronomy departments, and replaced all smart panel buttons in 11 classrooms.

Special Projects Improve Technology for Various Campus Departments

During Winter 2005, IET completed a wide variety of projects for a number of campus departments. Complete media systems (data projector, smart panel, and sound systems) were installed for the Genomics and Nutrition Departments, and other smaller jobs were completed for Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology, HR Staff Development, the Chancellors Office, Graduate School of Management, Engineering Distance Learning Classrooms, Physics, the Vet Med Teaching Hospital, and Biomedical Research/Engineering.

IET is also actively involved in the Audio-Visual planning process for new classrooms on campus, including Geidt Hall and the Robert Mondavi Wine and Food Institute.

Meet & Greets Assist Instructors Before Classes Begin

At the beginning of each academic quarter, many staff members of IET visit 6-8 of our largest lecture halls during the first 2-3 days of classes to meet with faculty prior to the start of their instruction. The IET representatives provide any on-the-spot or future assistance using the technology in the classroom and leave a Faculty Technology Guide brochure that outlines technology resources available on campus.

Training sessions for faculty and TAs are also conducted on the day prior to the start of classes. These sessions cover the operation of all equipment located in the classrooms and encourage faculty to bring their laptops and individually hook up to the data projection system to ensure they understand how to get a projected image. These efforts have gotten great positive feedback from faculty for our customer service and direct hands-on assistance and IET plans to continue these in future quarters.

Multimedia Services

One-Stop Help Desk Created for Classroom Technology Services

During Winter 2005, a one-stop Help Desk was developed by Classroom Technology Services. The Classroom Technology Services Help Desk (CTSHD) will be comprised of the Classroom Hotline, Multimedia Equipment Services (MES), Special Event Support (SES), and the Video Conferencing Center (VCC). Campus staff and faculty can reach the CTS Help Desk by calling(530) 752-2133 or visiting 1440 Surge II. Multimedia Equipment Services has also begun using a new equipment scheduling system, which allows clients to reserve equipment online (clm-app.ucdavis.edu/mes_apps/online/).

IET Provides Multimedia, Special Event Support at Dorm Construction, ASUCD Debates

During Winter 2005, IET provided high-end technical assistance and A-V support at many departmental conferences and campus events. IET provided sound and recording for the Chancellors Office at the new dorm building construction site, as well as the ASUCD Coffee House debates. SES also provided support for the Chancellors dedication at the UC Davis airport, and continues to work with Campus and Event Services and the Mondavi Center, providing assistance with data projector rentals and on-site technical support. IET also provides high-end technical assistance and A-V support for departmental conference and non-academic seminars, as well as provide graduate, undergraduate and research presentations. Visit cts.ucdavis.edu/services/specialevent/ for more details.

Mediaworks Assists UC Davis Cancer Center with "Future Fair"

As a result of the success in developing the National Cancer Institute presentations for the UC Davis Cancer Center, the Graphics Unit of IET-Mediaworks has been working hard to complete 23 separate presentations for "Future Fair." The Future Fair is designed to allow the public to view exhibits and attend lectures that demonstrate the health system's value as a resource for the Sacramento region. The Future Fair presentations are being developed to showcase the comprehensive services provided by the UC Davis Cancer Center.