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IET Report : Communication News

Chalk dust and cyber infrastructure—IT Times covers the technology spectrum
The Winter IT Times welcomed faculty and staff back to campus with a lead story that highlighted Classroom Technology Services’ midnight staff and their quiet job of keeping classroom media functioning. This edition also turned an eye on spam, and introduced a new quarterly column. The Spring IT Times provided an insightful article on cyberinfrastructure. How much support do researchers require and what resources does the campus have currently? Also, read what two long-time UC Davis employees have to say about technology on the eve of their respective retirements. Catch up on both editions at ittimes.ucdavis.edu. IET welcomes IT Times story ideas and comments; email ietpubs@ucdavis.edu.
Winter Hypertext touts wireless printing; IT security video contest
Hypertext ushered in winter with plenty of new information for students. Articles focused on the new wireless printing service, a Q & A with IT Express, useful urls, and a chance to win $1,500. A new design incorporated the wireless printing map and computer hours into the newsletter. To check out the new look or learn how to make a video, pick up a hard copy at IT Express (182 Shields Library) or at any of the IET computer rooms on campus. Download a PDF of the latest Hypertext off the Student Computing Guide Web site at scg.ucdavis.edu/hypertext.cfm.
IET looks for new ways to inform students
IET’s Information and Events unit facilitated a student focus group in February as part of an overall effort to assess new ways to communicate with students. The group responded enthusiastically to questions and provided much insight on how to reach students as well as how to present information. A student survey through Computer Lab Management also yielded solid feedback on how students get their campus information. Information and Events is developing an updated student communications plan for fall 2007. For more information, email ietpubs@ucdavis.edu.