Annual Notification of UC Davis Electronic Communications and Email Policies

The UC Davis Policy on Electronic Mail (UCD Policy and Procedure Manual Section 310-16), an implementation of the UC-wide Electronic Communications Policy, requires an annual notification to ALL users of email on the UC Davis campus about their responsibilities in the area of electronic communications. As a UCD computer account holder and user of email you have a responsibility to know and understand the campus policies governing electronic communications, including what is and is not acceptable use of UCD electronic services.

Examples of unacceptable activities include, but are not limited to: sharing your account or password with others, sending chain letters or spam(unrequested bulk email), harassing or threatening others, violating copyright or other laws, or posing as someone else.

See to review the UC Electronic Communications Policy (P&P 310-16), and the UCD Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy. Updates and other information about email-related items can be found at

After receiving this notification, if you continue to use any UCD-related electronic or email services you are indicating that you have read and understand these policies. Violations can result in serious disciplinary, corrective, or legal action.

UCD provides minimum backup of email on central facilities; this is done only to assure system integrity and reliability, not to provide for future retrieval. Account holders should not expect the central service to be able to restore individual pieces of deleted email or stored files.

If you have questions regarding these policies please contact the campus Accounts Administrator at