Be thankful for the 24 you don't see

Here's a statistic to make us all appreciate the central campus email spam filters.

Of the 13.7 million email messages sent to UC Davis email addresses during the week ending Sept. 27, the first week of fall quarter, about 84 percent were spam--worthless, system-clogging junk, all rejected at the border of the campus system.

Another 4.4 percent scored high enough on the spam scale to land in spam folders, so odds are they were also trash.

Factor out the approximately 8 percent of the messages that weren't scanned because they were sent from one campus address to another, and the bottom line is, less than 4 percent of the messages sent to UC Davis email accounts from non-UC Davis accounts was legitimate email. That's about 1 message in 25.

Of course, that still adds up to 642,000 separate email messages for the week, and the total grows to nearly 2 million when you include the unscanned messages. But imagine the clutter in your inbox each morning if the filters weren't working.

The statistics come from Data Center and Client Services, the area of Information and Educational Technology that runs the central campus email system.

Everyone receiving email via one of the central campus email servers is automatically enrolled in the UC Davis spam filtering service. You can view and change your spam filtering settings at any time. To learn more about campus email in general, click here.