Committee Explores High-Speed Networking Possibilities

The High-Speed Networking Committee held its first meeting on November 1. The meeting provided committee members with an overview of campus, metropolitan, state, and national perspectives on high-speed networking. Tom West, President of the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives (CENIC), and Douglas Van Houwelling, President and CEO of the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID), gave presentations outlining the status, scope, and possible applications of statewide and national high-speed networking. A project team comprised of members from Communications Resources, UC Davis Health Systems and CENIC is also looking at the feasibility of connecting existing UC Davis telemedicine sites through the CENIC network to reduce costs and improve network performance. The project team has compiled a project plan and will analyze implementation strategies over the next few months. The High-Speed Networking Committee is part of a multi-disciplinary public health initiative launched this Fall by Provost Hinshaw. The small group, comprised of faculty and campus administrators, is charged with advising the provost on the development, integration and use of high-speed networking as it relates to the creation of multi-disciplinary research and educational initiatives. Vice Provost Bruno and Tom Nesbitt, Assistant Dean, UCD Medical Center, co-chair the committee. A Web site is being developed.