DavisMail, new Gmail-based service for students, debuts

The new email service for UC Davis students now has an official name: DavisMail.

Powered by Gmail, DavisMail rolled out starting Oct. 6 as the campus began migrating more than 32,000 student campus email accounts from the campus central email service, Cyrus (Geckomail). Faculty and staff email accounts are not moving to DavisMail, although the campus will discuss that possibility later.

Migrating the accounts will take most of the fall quarter to complete. The work started with the students in the Graduate School of Management and School of Law; freshmen come next. A migration schedule has details. Students will also receive update emails describing the change as the migration proceeds.

Students will keep their existing ucdavis.edu email addresses. They won't need to do anything except accept Google's terms of service agreement. They can opt out of DavisMail by choosing an alternative email service such as those offered by Microsoft or Yahoo.

The campus looked at several possible names, then settled on DavisMail because it links the service to the campus and should not become outdated as UC Davis grows and diversifies in the years ahead. Read more about the decision to adopt DavisMail here.

DavisMail offers students more features, and more than 100 times additional data storage, than Geckomail. It also offers access to popular communication tools in Google Apps for Education.