How to Use Campus Wireless

  1. Make sure your laptop is wireless-capable.
    • Check your manufacturer's manual, or review the instructions at
    • If wireless hardware is not already built into your computer, you will need a wireless PC-Card or Wireless USB modem. A network card that is "802.11b WIFI compliant" is recommended.
  2. Register your computer to access the campus wireless network.
    • Visit Then Select "Ethernet (NIC) card registration" and click "Begin."
    • Provide the requested information (name, ID number, and date of birth) to verify your identity.
    • Select "Register a computer for DHCP" and click "Continue."
    • Fill out the required information and click "Register This Address." Make sure you enter the number of the wireless card, not your Ethernet (wired) card.
  3. Configure your computer for DHCP.
  4. Log on to the campus wireless network.
You're set to go!