Hypertext, Student Computing Newsletter, Now Available for Fall 2004

Hypertext, a quarterly newsletter designed to keep students informed about the latest campus computing news, is now available on campus and on the Web. Hypertext was developed by a team of student employees within IET-Information & Events, in collaboration with many other IET units, including Computer Lab Management, IT Express and the MyUCDavis Development Team.

Hypertext provides IET with the opportunity to regularly communicate important time-sensitive information to students (i.e., service changes, computer room moves), while also providing a forum in which we can cover topics in more depth than is possible in shorter formats (i.e., Aggie columns).

Hypertext Fall 2003 Topics http://scg.ucdavis.edu/hypertext/2004fall/2004fall.pdf

PLAN FOR THE SCAN: KEEP YOUR COMPUTER CLEAN AND SECURE -- This story introduces Vulnerability Scanning, a new security measure that might keep users from accessing the UC Davis network if their computers are virus-infected.

BANNED FROM CAMPUS: UNSAFE EMAIL ATTACHMENTS RESTRICTED -- Tired of letting virus-filled attachments enter your email inbox? Well, you might not have to deal with that anymore.

IS YOUR COMPUTER ON ITS LAST LEG? -- The reprint of this Bits&Bytes article discusses when one needs a new computer, how to wipe one's personal info off it, and how to recycle the old unit.

A PIRATE'S LIFE IS NOT FOR ME -- Students tempted to participate in illegal file sharing will learn many of many interesting legal options once they read this article.

NEW AT THE COMPUTER ROOMS -- During the summer, the computer rooms received a major upgrade. This news blurb informs students of all o f the goodies that can be now found in the computer rooms.

AGGIE TECH TIPS & TRICKS -- Stay computer savvy with these awesome tips & tricks!

MYUCDAVIS, YOUR NEW HOME(PAGE): You might have heard more about our cool campus Web portal, where you can register for classes, check your email, get your grades, and much more. We've got more info on M yUCDavis here.

GET SECURE WITH THE UC DAVIS INTERNET TOOLS CD: One of the key elements of keeping your computer secure is a good antivirus program, and UC Davis has got you covered.