Moobilenet shuts down, ucd-guest expands

As planned, UC Davis retired the old moobilenet wireless service last night, while simultaneously expanding the ucd-guest wireless service to the entire Davis campus.

If you were still using moobilenet, please use moobilenetx or eduroam instead. The best option is eduroam, which will eventually become the main campus wireless network, but moobilenetx remains available.

The ucd-guest service greatly expands wireless access for visitors to UC Davis. Until now, the service has existed only in the student residence halls, the Conference Center, Gallagher Hall, and the Buehler Alumni Center.

The IT Service Catalog has instructions on how to use each service, and this TechNews article from April has more information about the changes. If you have questions or need help, please contact the IT Express Service Desk at 530-754-HELP (4357).