New Online Temporary Affiliate Form improves network access

It should soon get easier for people who don't work at UC Davis--visiting instructors, for example, or short-term employees--to get temporary access to the campus computer network. They can do it through the new Web-based Online Temporary Affiliate Form (Online TAF).

Non-affiliates have been able to apply for a personal campus computing account for years, but the process used paper and campus mail, and is laborious and slow by today's standards.

Online TAF changes all that. A group of campus programmers, administrators, and project managers has created an application that instantly routes information to the next person in the approval chain. The process usually involves three people: applicant, sponsor and approver. If all three work quickly, the applicant can get temporary access in as little as 10 minutes.

Once the applicant gets access, the campus can set up a temporary UC Davis computing account. The account will remain valid for up to one year and can be renewed, depending on circumstances.

The Online TAF has passed beta testing and quality assurance, and is due to be released soon. Read more here.