Wireless Network Being Enhanced: New Hotspots Will Fill in the Quad and the MU

When you hook up your laptop on campus later this Fall, you may notice that the wireless network is faster, stronger, and safer. This is due to several improvements now in process that will guarantee a better wireless experience for the UC Davis community?and now, also their guests.

Because the Memorial Union continues to be one of the most popular places to access wireless service, twelve new access points are being added to the MU and the quad. Staff and faculty giving presentations in the MU will find they no longer need special hookups to go live on the Internet (see "Wireless How To" for hook-up instructions).One more and very welcome addition to campus wireless?and one that's already in place??is temporary guest access to the network. Any faculty or staff member possessing a valid Kerberos account can now sponsor a guest user.

To learn more about granting guest access to the wireless network or to find out what's new in wireless service, visit wireless.ucdavis.edu.