student center

The IT ecosystem at UC Davis is distributed in departments and units throughout the campus. Working together, these groups create and support an environment that helps the UC Davis community teach, conduct research, and provide public service.

This circular image names four categories of technology at UC Davis – student, educational, administrative and research – and presents them as surrounding a core of shared, common technology. The core technologies are not listed, but would include such services as authentication, email, and the campus network.


Common Services

Services such as computer purchasing and asset management, desktop support services for faculty, staff, students, basic patching and antivirus protection, troubleshooting, service desk tools, website development, software licensing

Provided by: IET and Distributed IT in Academic and Administrative units

Foundational and Enabling Technology

Infrastructure, hardware, software and systems that provide underlying support for institutional activities including Data Center, virtualization, system administration, IT Express central help desk, Identity and Access Management, Email, Telecommunications, network, website hosting and content management, information security.

Provided by: IET

IT at UC Davis Health

UC Davis Health has its own IT department, The UC Davis Health CIO and CISO have dotted line reporting relationships with the UC Davis CIO and CISO, respectively, UC Davis Health has centralized IT with Unique requirements driving their services, such as: 24x7x365 operations, HIPPA requirements, Clinical IT and hospital regulatory requirements. 

UC Davis and UC Davis Health share resources and collaborate on may initiatives:

Network infrastructure, commercial data center co-location, 800 MHz radio for police and fire, identity and Access Management, email and email hygiene, video conferencing, UC Path, Kuali General Ledger.