Technews Technews for UC Davis IET en Time to register for this year’s UC Davis teaching and tech institute <p>Registration has opened for the Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology, a day of talks and breakout sessions for UC Davis faculty. This year’s theme is “The Digital Learning Environment: Engaging Students in the Classroom, and Beyond.”</p> August 24, 2018 Anonymous Starting Sept. 6, current Duo users will see it applied to more campus services <p>If you’re already using Duo at UC Davis, get ready to use it more frequently.</p> <p>Starting Sept. 6, anyone who now uses Duo multi-factor authentication (MFA) for at least one campus service will begin using it for additional campus services—ones protected by the standard CAS (Central Authentication Service) login, such as myucdavis, the Time Reporting System, and DavisMail.</p> August 22, 2018 Anonymous Campus EndNote license is ending; renewal or free alternatives available If you use EndNote bibliographic software under the current UC Davis license, you have until Jan. 1, 2019, to obtain a new license or choose a different product. Free options are available. August 14, 2018 Anonymous Major Banner update will improve the system, and change its forms The Banner student information system will receive a major upgrade when it moves from version 8 to version 9 beginning this fall. If you work directly with Banner, the most visible change will be to the forms you use to enter and retrieve information. August 13, 2018 Anonymous UCCSC is sold out, but you’re still invited to hear the keynote speakers <p>This month’s University of California Computing Services Conference at UC Davis sold out weeks ago, but everyone is still welcome to come hear the keynote speeches presented by two highly accomplished California technologists. </p> August 01, 2018 Anonymous UC Davis will improve campus cybersecurity by pursuing broader use of Duo <p>Starting this summer, you’ll see greater use of Duo multi-factor authentication at UC Davis. And as use grows, the damage caused by phishing will shrink.</p> July 24, 2018 Anonymous SmartSite enters storage, as planned <p>If you’re looking for SmartSite, it’s no longer there.</p> <p>As planned, the former UC Davis learning management system went offline when June ended and has entered digital storage. Traffic to has been redirected to a Knowledge Base article that explains the change.</p> <p>If you’re a faculty or staff member who still needs materials from your old sites, you have options.</p> July 02, 2018 Anonymous UCCSC at UC Davis has sold out <p>The UC Computing Services Conference at UC Davis has sold out. To be added to a wait list in case space becomes available, email <a href=""></a>.</p> <p>The annual UC conference meets Aug. 13-15 this year. See details at <a href=""></a>.</p> June 08, 2018 Anonymous UC Davis teaching and tech conference meets Sept. 14, invites faculty ‘microtalks’ <p>Plans are taking shape for the 2018 Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology (SITT), where UC Davis faculty will “meet with colleagues from across the disciplines, talk about teaching discoveries and strategies, and learn about new technologies that help our students accomplish their learning objectives.”</p> <p>Information and Educational Technology presents the program each summer at no charge to participants (this photo shows one of the 2017 presentations). This year's sessions will meet Sept. 14 in 1309 The Grove (Surge III).</p> June 07, 2018 Anonymous Change to CAS Service Registry will upgrade campus cybersecurity, assist greater use of Duo <p>Only campus technologists are likely to notice this change, although the entire campus will benefit.</p> <p>In the second half of June, UC Davis will modify its <a href="">CAS Service Registry</a>, which identifies the applications and services that are allowed to use the campus <a href="">Central Authentication Service</a> (CAS) to secure their log-in processes.</p> May 29, 2018 Anonymous Campus adds Duo to post-phishing recovery tactics <p>Ideally, no one’s UC Davis account would ever be harmed by a <a href="">phishing scam</a>.</p> <p>But because phishing is pervasive, UC Davis is now offering Duo as a resource to help faculty and staff protect their campus Office 365 accounts as part of the recovery if their accounts do get compromised.</p> May 25, 2018 Anonymous UCCSC at UC Davis announces great keynote speakers, attractive cost <p>UC Davis has lined up two highly accomplished California technologists as keynote speakers for this year’s UC Computing Services Conference:</p> May 11, 2018 Anonymous Remnant of SmartSite enters storage on June 30 <p>This is it. What’s left of SmartSite will go offline next month.</p> <p>But first, thanks to a tool created at UC Santa Cruz, materials in Resources folders inside old SmartSite sites will be copied into Box folders that the sites’ owners can have if they want. The owners can then keep or discard the materials as they wish.</p> <p>Information and Educational Technology (IET) is making the copies to provide additional support, particularly for faculty, as the campus closes out its use of SmartSite.</p> May 10, 2018 Anonymous After eduroam gets new certificate, you might get a prompt <p>Heads up if you use eduroam, the UC Davis wireless network.</p> <p>The campus will install a new electronic security certificate on eduroam at 7 a.m. Tuesday, May 15, which means you might see a prompt on your phone or other device sometime after then asking you to accept the new certificate.</p> <p>The certificate tells your device it’s connecting to eduroam. Some devices will accept the certificate automatically. Your experience will vary depending on your device, model, and operating system.</p> May 07, 2018 Anonymous Notice of lost files from old SmartSite course or project sites <p>An accidental deletion of files contained in old SmartSite course and project sites has led to the loss of about 161,000 uploaded files, or about 2 percent of all files uploaded to the former learning management system.</p> <p>The lost files varied in size and type, ranging from homework assignments and syllabi to files attached to emails. All were uploaded to SmartSite from June through December 2016, except for about 100 files from early 2017. Of the total, about 9.3 percent were uploaded by instructors. Almost all of the rest were uploaded by students.</p> April 25, 2018 Anonymous Up next in The Grove: Faculty-led sessions on digital learning, online ed, more <p>The <a href="">new schedule</a> of faculty forums and presentations on teaching with technology is out, and the lineup includes a look at the digital learning environment at UC Davis, plus sessions on mobile learning, providing feedback on student writing, online education, and more.</p> April 06, 2018 Anonymous UCCSC update: Proposals due March 23, registration will start in May <p>More details are emerging about this year’s University of California Computing Services Conference, which will meet Aug. 13-15, 2018, at UC Davis:</p> March 15, 2018 Anonymous Entries due in May for UC’s IT innovation prize <p>If you’ve done innovative work with technology at UC Davis during the past few years, here’s your chance to share the achievement throughout the University of California—and get recognized at a UC-wide IT conference that meets at UC Davis this year.</p> <p>Considering applying for one of the 2018 Larry L. Sautter awards.</p> March 14, 2018 Anonymous Cooperating on computers <p><a href="">Aggie Desktop</a>, an emerging service, improves the way the campus manages desktop computing environments for staff and faculty by offering a common set of hardware, software and processes. The leadership and support of the service are similarly collaborative, drawing from the talents of four large academic and administrative organizations: The College of Engineering; Finance, Operations and Administration; the College of Letters and Science; and Information and Educational Technology.</p> <p> </p> March 06, 2018 Armando Arbizo UC Davis wireless users will need to accept new certificate March 26 <p>UPDATE 3/26: The cert update has been postponed until another day. Here's the status page <a href="">update</a>.</p> <p>This task might sound familiar, because you've almost certainly done it before.</p> March 06, 2018 Anonymous