Technews update

Get cheap and funky online!

Oh the delights of the holiday season - turkey, mistletoe, fudge, warm fires. Doesn't it make you want to teleport through time to that excellent day after finals, the Dec. 16, when you can snuggle down by the fire with someone special?

What do I do with my dying computer? Give it CPR.

Behold every student's nightmare: you are in the midst of pounding out a research paper on your iMac, when the computer freezes, and won't restart. Or maybe the months (or years) of using your printer as a beverage coaster have finally taken their toll, and now your History assignment will only print as two lines of text in a language that hasn't been spoken in two thousand years. Sound familiar? Sadly, these scenarios are pretty similar to those many of us have faced during our time at UC Davis. In fact, computer equipment failure can seem a lot like acne or a bad date: an unfortunate but unavoidable fact of life.

Computer Labs Improve Over Summer

Students and faculty returning for the 2000-2001 academic school year will be welcomed by many improvements in the campus computer. Taking full advantage of the small number of students and general campus slow down, Information Technology's Lab Management team spent the summer renovating 7 of 15 campus computer rooms. These efforts were part of the regular maintenance and the three-year computer upgrade cycle for the labs.

And the Emmy Goes to....

... Robert Knop, a producer-director at UC Davis' new Instructional Technology and Digital Media Center (ITDMC), for his outstanding public service announcement highlighting the campus' new Center for the Arts, slated to open late next year.

UC Davis Internet Toolkit Released

his fall marks the fifth annual release of UC Davis' Bovine Online, a CD packed with pre-configured Internet tools. Bovine Online comes with everything students, faculty, and staff need to connect to the UC Davis network and surf the Web (Netscape version 4.74), send and receive email (Eudora version 4.3.2), and perform uploading and downloading functions (via ftp and Telnet). Installation is now easier than ever. Just click on-screen icons to install the software you need for your system. The CD will be offered this year at the introductory price of $7 plus tax, about half the price of last year's version.

Welcome Back, PCs and Macs

It's been a long summer, so I'm not surprised if you don't remember my mine. It's Can U Dig IT?, and boy will you love reading us every other week.

What happens to my campus email account when I leave?

So it's the beginning of June, which means one of two things: you are dreaming of a long lazy summer, or you are running around in business attire, looking for a job and trying to scrounge up extra graduation tickets. But it's also the year 2000, which means that many of you are computer users who regularly use email, which brings us to the most frequently asked question students have this time of year: what happens to my campus email account when I leave?

IT Administrative Unit Review Progress Report

IT AUR Progress Report (June 5, 2000) Since the Division of Information Technology's Five-Year Administrative Unit Review (AUR) was completed in April 1999, IT has made a great deal of progress in response to the report's 43 recommendations. The first annual Progress Report, now available online, outlines steps taken to fulfill the recommendations. The Progress Report is available in HTML and PDF formats.

IT Response (July 8, 1999) IT unit directors formulated an official response by the Division to the 43 recommendations in the AUR Final Report.

Final Report (April 29, 1999) A draft report was released by the Administrative Review Committee to IT unit directors and the outside consultants on April 9, 1999. A subsequent draft was provided to Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Grey on April 23, 1999. The final report was submitted on April 29, 1999.

Vice Provost Update: Focus on Hiring, Restructuring in Summer

As part of ongoing efforts to improve faculty services and strengthen campuswide IT policy and planning, the Office of the Vice Provost-Information and Educational Technology enters the summer with a focus on two important initiatives: the UC Davis Technology Infrastructure Forum and the Instructional Technology and Digital Media Center.