Posted Date: 12/08/2001

Campuswide Information and Educational Technology Planning and Policy New Faces, New Projects \t

Posted Date: 12/03/2001

See the latest minutes from the Academic Computing -- Coordinating Council (AdC3).

Posted Date: 12/01/2001

After carefully considering the recommendations from the Repro Graphics Administrative Review Committee and the earlier IET-wide Unit Review, Vice Provost John Bruno and Vice Chancellor for Administration Janet Hamilton reached agreement in early November for Repro Graphics to transition to the Office of Administration. The transition was made effective December 1, 2001

Posted Date: 12/01/2001

On November 13, 2001, Banner donned a fresh face while also accommodating software upgrades and staying current with Financial Aid regulatory changes. IET performed the upgrade in collaboration with the Registrar's Office in order to make life simpler for Banner users by improving its use and functionality. Users will also notice cosmetic changes, such as better use of color on the screen. The changes most affecting users are modifications to user login procedures and UC Davis forms, as well as a Citrix environment upgrade.

Posted Date: 11/30/2001

There are two kinds of people in our hyper-techie world: vacation emailers and email vacationers. Vacation emailers can't stand the thought of going a day, much less a couple of weeks, without checking their email. On the other side of the coin are the email vacationers, who think checking email every day is just plain crazy?especially while on a break from school. Don't worry, for no matter which camp you pitch your tent, I have solutions to your winter break email dilemmas.

Posted Date: 11/16/2001

The busiest shopping season of the year is right around the corner, which means that now is the ideal time to begin arming yourself with information that can help you get that computer you've' been dreaming of.

Posted Date: 11/15/2001

IET Mediaworks has issued a Call for faculty partners in its new Educational Technology (ET) Partners program. Each faculty partner will receive a trained student to work with him or her for an academic quarter. This new program is intended for technology novices. ET Partners hires, trains, and manages the student partners, and selects and orients the faculty partners. The primary aim of the program is to use the concept of a community of learners to empower faculty members to use educational technology effectively and easily. More information on the program is available on the Mediaworks web site, under Educational Technology and then ET Partners.

Posted Date: 11/02/2001

Even Aggies have their bad cow days. If technology is troubling you, IT Express can help.

Posted Date: 10/25/2001

The UC system has selected a new reseller to handle orders under UC's volume software agreements. These contracts cover products for departmental use. The new reseller is Technology Resource Center (TRC), located in West Dundee, Illinois, outside Chicago. TRC will replace Software Spectrum as the UC reseller effective 10/1/01. Several months ago, after being notified that Software Spectrum planned to move away from the academic market, the University initiated a bid process to select a new reseller. Responses were received from six resellers. They were evaluated using many criteria including the ability to handle a large number of University accounts, proposed services, and pricing. TRC scored well in all areas. The vendors whose contracts will be handled by TRC are Microsoft (Select program), Adobe, FileMaker, IBM/Lotus and Symantec. Additional vendors may be added in the future. Purchasing procedures for Microsoft Select products are different from before. For Microsoft Select products, TRC has a special arrangements with CompuCom. All Microsoft Select products will be passed on to CompuCom and fulfilled by Microsoft. TRC's product and pricing information are available at For more information, see "New Software Reseller for UC Chosen" in the October IT Times.

Posted Date: 10/22/2001

A new program, developed through the Arbor and Mediaworks, will partner selected faculty with specially trained students for one-on-one technology training. The goal is to help instructors implement educational technology effectively. This new program, Educational Technology (ET) Partners, will hire and train the student partners throughout fall quarter.