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How I searched for search engines...

February 04, 2000
World Wide Web-based search engines drive me crazy. With UC Davis being a place where everybody is researching something all the time, a good search engine seems like it would be every student's best friend. However, it seems like there are hundreds of engines out there, each claiming it is bigger, faster and more accurate than the rest. How am I, one little student with no extra time on my hands, supposed to figure out which one I should use?

Windows 2000: W2K Replaces Y2K as Campus Issue

February 01, 2000
Windows 2000, set for release to the general public on February 17, has several components designed to replace Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, Server, and Enterprise Server. Contrary to what you may have heard, Windows 2000 is not intended to be a replacement for Windows 95 or 98 for the home or small office user. "Windows Me" (short for Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition) is the new version of the OS for the home/small office market and is scheduled for release later this year.

Beauty and the Beast: Mp3s and Napster

January 21, 2000
First of all, I have a confession to make, and it's a bit embarrassing. As a young kid, I was an inveterate shoplifter. Clothes, toys, baseball cards - sure, these meant a lot to me as a 10-year-old, but not enough to steal them. Not nearly as much as the one precious commodity of my pre-pubescent years, the source of my early temptation, corruption, and ultimate lasting shame: supermarket candy. Not just any old candy, mind you, but the shining light of Safeway's third aisle - Brach's butterscotch disks. I worshipped the things (still do, actually). Sadly, a cavity-filled dentist visit led to my mother's hasty, ill-formed decision that candy no longer occupied a place in little J's food pyramid. I was thereafter emotionally destroyed, and desperate to find a path to my favorite thing on earth (besides my blanket Spike).

Look what I got for Christmas: A virus!

January 07, 2000
So it's January 2000, and hey, we're all still here in Davis. The New Year party hats have just recently been tossed aside, and now, as you unpack and figure out which garbage can to donate that "kinda sorta new millennium" clock your Uncle Lefty gave you for Christmas, your computer stares at you like a long lost friend.

Holiday checklist- family, gifts, email

December 03, 1999
You've been bruising it through midterms and papers all quarter long, and all that's left to hurdle are finals. Winter break, the oasis from mid- quarter stress, finally seems within reach, and none too soon.

Y2K Tiger Teams Spring Into Action

December 01, 1999
Although most agree the Year 2000 (Y2K) Problem is not going to be the end of civilization as we know it, UC Davis is preparing for Y2K as it would for any other potential emergency, as defined in the Campus Emergency Policy (UCD Policy & Procedure Manual, Section 290-05) and the campus emergency management program ( howto/index.html). Starting on Wednesday, December 15, all individuals affiliated with UC Davis will be able to call (530) 752-1727, 24 hours a day, for assistance with campus-related Year 2000 issues. This number will remain active through January 14 (or as needed) and will provide a centralized Year 2000 communication hub for the UC Davis community.

Y2K: Get Ready for the Main Event

December 01, 1999
As UC Davis departments and offices are preparing to close for the holidays, computer users, network administrators, and managers should take the following steps to ready the computing and power requirements of their departments.

Friends, classmates, Aggies, lend me your computer!

November 12, 1999
So your parents didn't throw down and buy you a snazzy new computer for high school graduation. Or maybe you are riding the financial aid train through college town and affording a computer is just impossible right now. If you're lucky, one of your roommates will be generous enough to occasionally let you borrow her computer, but let's face it: when it's crunch time, he/she is probably going to need it for his/her own academic stuff. So what do you do when you need to use a computer?

New Vice Provost Looks to the Future

October 01, 1999
John Bruno, the long-awaited new Vice Provost for Information and Educational Technology, has arrived at UC Davis, beginning his new position on September 1.

An expert on information systems engineering and management, as well as a veteran professor of computer science at UC Santa Barbara, Bruno comes to UC Davis with a wealth of university and technology experience.

As Vice Provost, he manages the myriad forms of information and educational technology used throughout the campus, including academic and administrative computing services; data, voice and video communication services; and media and print services.

New UCD Email Policy

October 01, 1999
The University of California Electronic Mail Policy ("UC Email Policy") was issued on March 23, 1998. Section IX of that policy mandates that each campus develop, maintain, and publish its own specific procedures and practices to implement the policy. On September 24, the UC Davis implementation of the UC Email Policy was officially completed: the UC Davis Electronic Mail Policy was incorporated into the campus Policy and Procedure Manual (as P&P Section 310-16), and made available on the Web.

Computing Nightmares, Be Gone!

September 29, 1999
Ghouls, goblins and other assorted creatures of the night tend to throw a big party only once a year, usually taking the rest of the year to cure a nasty Halloween hangover induced by too much candy and the sight of small, strangely dressed children with trashbags. One nightmarish spectre, however, looms perpetually large over college campuses nationwide: computer malfunction. True, the name sounds relatively benign, but be afraid, be very afraid of this dreaded menace and its insidious sidekick, the error message. Both of these beasts can make any student's life a living hell, especially as midterms and deadlines approach.

IT's Alive!

September 15, 1999
You've been there before. Talking at a party, wandering the supermarket aisles, or even walking around campus, just doing your own thing, when suddenly you come across someone who looks incredibly familiar. Problem is, you can't put a name to the face, and you spend a few moments racking your brain, searching for the connection between you and that not-quite-nameless stranger. Usually, the missing name plays hide-and-seek with your brain until you shake your head, shrug your shoulders and continue on with your life. That is, until the same exact situation pops up again, and you are left wondering if you should take the next step and discover the link that somehow binds you to this other person.