Posted Date: 10/01/1999

The University of California Electronic Mail Policy ("UC Email Policy") was issued on March 23, 1998. Section IX of that policy mandates that each campus develop, maintain, and publish its own specific procedures and practices to implement the policy. On September 24, the UC Davis implementation of the UC Email Policy was officially completed: the UC Davis Electronic Mail Policy was incorporated into the campus Policy and Procedure Manual (as P&P Section 310-16), and made available on the Web.

Posted Date: 09/29/1999

Ghouls, goblins and other assorted creatures of the night tend to throw a big party only once a year, usually taking the rest of the year to cure a nasty Halloween hangover induced by too much candy and the sight of small, strangely dressed children with trashbags. One nightmarish spectre, however, looms perpetually large over college campuses nationwide: computer malfunction. True, the name sounds relatively benign, but be afraid, be very afraid of this dreaded menace and its insidious sidekick, the error message. Both of these beasts can make any student's life a living hell, especially as midterms and deadlines approach.

Posted Date: 09/15/1999

You've been there before. Talking at a party, wandering the supermarket aisles, or even walking around campus, just doing your own thing, when suddenly you come across someone who looks incredibly familiar. Problem is, you can't put a name to the face, and you spend a few moments racking your brain, searching for the connection between you and that not-quite-nameless stranger. Usually, the missing name plays hide-and-seek with your brain until you shake your head, shrug your shoulders and continue on with your life. That is, until the same exact situation pops up again, and you are left wondering if you should take the next step and discover the link that somehow binds you to this other person.