ATS does everything from providing instructional technology in the classroom to collaborating with faculty on multimedia presentations to mentoring and training educators to help them meet the educational, research, and public service needs of the University.

Academic Programming

Programming for academia means the Learning Management system, podcasting, webcasting, and online collaboration tools in support of teaching and research. This group also helps professors get their webpages up and running.

Computer Lab Management

ATS delivers learning spaces, which includes 20 computer labs for students’ educational growth, and provides fully operational computing and multimedia environments that facilitate the campus’ access to instructional tools and academic resources.

Faculty Support

Supporting faculty by providing services such as multimedia content development, online instructional technologies, and collaboration tools in fulfillment of the UCD mission. In 2013, they published 11,080 media files which were played 68,692 times. They also created 243 media channels to house video, animation or audio files created by instructors, departments or project teams.

Media Production

A wide variety of academic illustration needs are met by this team. Helping the campus with educational, event, and athletic (Go Aggies!) media production. They have expertise in photographic, audio/video, graphics/illustration, animation, videoconferencing, and special events support.

David Levin, Director