The Operations team keeps the business, customer service, finance, and Human Resources needs of IET in running order.

Business and Finance

The Business and Finance team runs the day-to-day financial business of IET. This includes everything from providing fiscal accountability to paying the phone bill. Questions? Email ietbusiness@ucdavis.edu.

Client Success

Client Success focuses on IET's customers with the aim to understand campus needs, deliver the services required, and communicate the value of campus technology. Client Success includes responsibility for:

  • Network Service Center
  • Computer Lab Management
  • Desktop Services
  • IT Express
  • Service Management Office
  • Communications & Marketing
  • Software License Coordination
Facilities and Safety

This team supports facility and safety needs for IET staff in addition to asset management for network and audiovisual technology infrastructure work:

  • IET building/space maintenance 
  • Space assignment and planning
  • Security, keys, and alarms
  • Safety Issues and monitoring 
  • IET Storehouse asset management and inventory

Questions about building, space, security, safety, and keys - email ietfacilities@ucdavis.edu. Questions about IET Storehouse and asset management - email ietstorekeepers@ucdavis.edu.

Human Resources

People are IET’s most valuable resource and IET supports a positive and empowering work environment for everyone. Here is how IET’s HR team contributes:

  • Recruiting the right candidates
  • Compensation and classification assistance
  • Employee and labor relations
  • Organizational development

Questions should be emailed to iet-hr@ucdavis.edu.

Project Management Office

Keeping IT projects on schedule and on budget is vital. The PMO’s team of professionals works with customers to understand their business needs, then strategize, plan, analyze, and bring the project to fruition.