UC Davis Information & Educational Technology

About IET

Mission Statement
The mission of Information and Educational Technology (IET) is to create and support an information technology environment that enhances the ability of the UC Davis community to teach, do research, and provide public service. In support of the University's mission, Information and Educational Technology will deliver an infrastructure of technological services appropriate to the requirements of the campus community.
Office of the Vice Provost (VP-IET)
Overall planning, outreach, and coordination of the Information and Educational Technology organization and its programs.
  • IT Security
  • Project Management
  • Finance and Business Operations
  • Human Resources
Main Office Location: Surge II
Telephone: 530-752-4998
FAX: 530-754-6550
Academic Technology Services (IET-ATS)
Broad range of instructional, research, and outreach services, from full production to training and consultation -- includes multimedia and graphic design; Web development; digital photography and video production; audio-visual support; computer rooms and classroom tech support; video-conferencing, podcasting, and webcasting; online collaboration and communications tools.
  • Faculty Support
  • Academic and Research Programming
  • AV Engineering
  • Computer Lab Management
  • Media Production
Main Office Location: Surge II
Telephone: (530) 752-2133
FAX: 530-752-4655
Communications Resources (IET-CR)
Campus-wide telecommunications and networking services, operation and maintenance of campus voice, wireless, and data networking infrastructure, and directory assistance.
  • Engineering & Construction Management
  • Network Operations Center
  • Network Service Center
Main Office Location: 3213 Apiary Road
Telephone: 530-752-4603
FAX: 530-752-5555
Data Center (IET-CRDC)
Data center services, including 24/7 support to mission critical systems.

Main Office Location: Data Center
Telephone: 530-754-4393
Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure Services (IET-EAIS)

Central computing support for mission-critical business systems on campus; project management and analytical services in support of planning and implementing campus administrative computing systems.

  • Application Development
  • Client Services
  • Enterprise Infrastructure & Professional Services
Main Office Location: 3820 Chiles Road
Telephone: 530-754-4990