Campus now providing 1-gig connections without monthly recharges

One outcome of the new Common Good Assessment (CGA) is that Information and Educational Technology can now assign extremely fast network connections to locations that need them, without sending them a monthly bill.

On Jan. 1 UC Davis introduced the CGA, which ends monthly recharges for essential goods and services that are "routinely consumed in the regular course of unit operations," says Budget & Institutional Analysis. One-time installation charges still apply; IET-Communications Resources has posted a supplementary FAQ with details about how the CGA affects telecom services.

The campus has more than 50,000 data network access modules (NAMs), each with at least a 100-megabit connection. The campus cannot provide a 1-gig connection to all of them, but if units have a good reason to need the faster connection, IET-CR will do its best to provide it. Departments can request a 1 gigabit service upgrade if they have a business reason. For more information, please see the Data Network Services entry in the IT Service Catalog.