Governance at UC Davis

The vision for IT Governance of the CIO-VP is to develop:

A collaborative group of academic and administrative stakeholders who take input from their constituencies and make prioritized recommendations regarding IT strategy, investment, and services for the benefit of the campus, in line with the University’s overall strategy.

The primary objectives of this IT Governance Plan are:

  • To create and continually refine a shared vision of IT strategy and principles among the University’s business and IT decision makers.
  • To facilitate robust communication among the University’s academic and administrative units and the central and decentralized Information Technology enablers.
  • To evaluate campus-wide technology opportunities and advocate for investment in the highest priority projects with a unified voice. 
  • To work in close coordination with IT partners to deliver the highest quality implementation of technology solutions and services to meet the University’s mission and strategic plans, wherever those solutions may be supported most effectively and efficiently.