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Don’t forget that Botrock is ready to help, 24/7

In early 2021, Information & Educational Technology (IET) introduced Botrock to UC Davis. She’s the helpful and tech-savvy chatbot that makes her home on the Service Hub as well as other websites.

Not only can Botrock answer your tech questions directly in her chat box, but she has other skills too, like providing links to Knowledge Base articles and AggieVideos for more comprehensive help, as well as opening support tickets. As Botrock matures, she will gain more knowledge and skills, and will be able to help even more.

Report phishing messages directly from Outlook or DavisMail

If you receive a suspicious email that you think might be phishing, there’s a way that you can immediately report it within your email program. You no longer have to forward potential phishing messages to the UC Davis Information Security Office because you can do it yourself from Outlook or Gmail (DavisMail).

This Knowledge Base article provides instructions for reporting messages from the email program you use at UC Davis. Reporting emails like this helps stop malicious emails from reaching other people on campus.

Act now to protect against potential cyberattacks

In response to the risk of Russian cyberattacks increasing due to the war in Ukraine, the White House has published a list of recommendations for organizations in the U.S. to prepare for security threats.

Tax season is here: Avoid the “Dirty Dozen” Tax Scams

UC Davis' Information Security Office wants campus affiliates to review the Internal Revenue Service annual “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams. The IRS emphasizes that they “continue to see scam artists use the pandemic to steal money and information from honest taxpayers in a time of crisis.” The IRS estimates that identity thieves have stolen billions via tax fraud. Don’t become another victim!

Be on the alert for: 

External Email Tagging will be added to Office 365 in December

Email attacks often begin with messages from an external email system. As part of UC Davis’s effort to reduce phishing and other email scams, Information & Educational Technology (IET) will begin tagging emails that originate from outside the University.

Top 10 tips for cybersafe holiday shopping

It’s the time of year again for festivities, family gatherings, and holiday shopping. Many consumers will shop online this year to avoid the crowds. Adopt these cybersecurity tips to make your online shopping experience less risky.

Duo enabled for students on

To further improve security, Duo was enabled on for UC Davis students, effective Oct. 27. This change will not affect faculty and staff as they are already using Duo on the site.

Duo multi-factor authentication was rolled out to students earlier this year on multiple services. With Duo now enabled on, students will be required to use Duo when logging in.

Duo enabled on DavisMail and Google Apps

Phishing attacks are a persistent threat to our campus community, particularly via email. In order to better protect students, IET has enabled Duo on DavisMail for all students, effective Oct. 22, 2021.

Duo multi-factor authentication was rolled out to students earlier this year on multiple services. With Duo now enabled on DavisMail, students accessing Google applications via a web browser, including DavisMail, will be required to use Duo when logging in.

Do Your Part: October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is held every October to raise awareness about staying safe and secure online. The theme for 2021 is “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart,” helping to empower individuals and organizations to own their role in protecting their part of cyberspace.

Take these simple steps to improve your online safety and security and protect your personal information, connected devices, and university data:

A new look is coming to the Duo MFA application

In October, UC Davis affiliates may notice a slight change in the Duo Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) mobile application. The application will have an updated look and feel but there are no changes to how we use Duo.   

Here’s what to look for with the change:

SiteFarm update of 700+ campus websites will roll out the weekend of July 10

What would previously have taken years to accomplish will happen over a weekend in July.

The update will launch the new campus branding and other functionality to all campus websites on SiteFarm, the UC Davis created web content management system (CMS).

IET worked in close collaboration with Strategic Communications, and with SiteFarm users, to prepare for the update. Site owners had the opportunity to see what the update would look like on their dev sites, and provide feedback via a survey.