EIS creates, deploys, and manages business, academic, and infrastructure systems. EIS has a team of technology subject matter experts who advise the campus about the appropriate application of technology to solve business problems.

Enterprise Services

The Enterprise Services team delivers technology, campus wide. The 120,000 computing accounts that they manage are just one example. Other examples include DavisMail and Office365, as well as the campus Active Directory and central authentication services (CAS). Enterprise Services manages an wide variety of campus systems, and they do it securely and in a collaborative and cost-effective manner.

Professional Services

This team interacts with customers to provide the technology and services when they need them. They provide development and administration for software infrastructure systems such as web development, Salesforce development, system administration for Linux and Windows operating systems, and database management. The professional services group also provides development on cloud and mobile platforms, as well as academic and research programming services for faculty.

Infrastructure Services

The Infrastructure Services units provide campus-wide telecommunications and networking services, and operation and maintenance of voice, wireless, and data networking infrastructure.

The Data Center

IET manages the central Data Center for the campus. It is on task 24/7, 365 days a year to deliver, facilitate, and support services and provide local access to information and educational resources for the campus. 

Network Services & Engineering Management

The NSE team is the “front door” for all telecommunications and networking service requests on campus. They do long range planning, design, engineering, and technical advancement of the campus communications infrastructure and manage the communications system design guidelines and specifications, along with campus cell sites. The NSE group also provides full service for capital construction projects, building renovations, and daily moves and changes. 

Network Operations Center

The vast infrastructure of wireless, telephone, data, video, and radio systems is maintained and supported by the NOC. They maintain more than 3,600 wireless access points alone. Additionally, they troubleshoot problems and make repairs, perform installations and daily maintenance, and help implement the University’s computing policies.

Identity & Access Management 

Identity & Access Management (IAM) is responsible for providing the right individuals access to the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons. IAM is a mandatory service for all University affiliates (faculty, students, staff, externals). No one can work on the Davis or Health campus, in any capacity, nor be a student, without the credentials provided by this service

IAM provides data about users for many mission critical applications on the Davis and Health campuses such as the Central Authentication System (CAS), UC Path, the online Directory, and others. IAM provides secure identity data transmission, data cleaning and matching and secure data access.