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In the next academic year, Aggie Phone, powered by Zoom, will become the primary telephony service at UC Davis. Aggie Phone provides a superior user experience, the flexibility needed in the post-pandemic workplace, and responds to the diverse communication and collaboration needs of our community. To respond to specific needs, some members of the campus community will continue to use the Cisco platform. 


With Aggie Phone:  
  • Faculty and staff keep their UC Davis phone numbers, which are available on campus or remotely. 

  • Phone calling is added to Zoom, a platform already in use at UC Davis. Some users will continue to use Cisco. 

  • Phone capabilities can be accessed from most devices anywhere. Meetings, chat, and calls are available in a single application, whether you are on campus or remote.  

Project Milestones

  • Spring 2023 
  • Planning starts for the implementation of Aggie Phone. Assessment of current systems complete. Vendor review and peer institution competitive assessment complete. Zoom selected as the provider for Aggie Phone. 
  • Summer 2023 
  • Technical strategy developed. Testing and campus engagement begin. 
  • Fall 2023 
  • Pilot begins. Implementation starts with feedback from campus partners.

Why Aggie Phone?

  • Communication needs have fundamentally changed: we no longer rely on conventional telephones alone to communicate and collaborate with others. Aggie Phone supports remote, hybrid, and mobile work environments.
  • Campus feedback: Zoom is a popular videoconferencing solution, widely used at UC Davis and elsewhere. Aggie Phone will be integrated in the Zoom environment that the campus is already using. Other platforms are at the end of their product lifecycle and do not offer a comparable user experience.
  • New, efficient opportunities: Aggie Phone is robust, cost-effective and meets both videoconferencing and telephony needs.