The CIO Council is a multi-disciplinary group of stakeholders—including representatives of academic, research, administrative and student perspectives—to advise me and other campus decision makers regarding IT strategy, investments, and services for the benefit of the campus.

The goal is to improve communication and collaboration so that we can better address the technology challenges and opportunities we face.  The objective of effective IT Governance is to ensure that campus IT resources are being expended in an efficient and cost-effective manner in line with the University’s strategic objectives and ongoing needs. The role of the CIO Council will include:

  • Advise in the development of campus-wide IT strategy and principles.
  • Identify the business needs of the UC Davis community that may be addressed through technology.
  • Assess IT risks and advise regarding risk mitigation strategies, business continuity plans, and contingency plans. 
  • Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of currently available services and applications and make recommendations for improvements, additions, or retirement of outdated or duplicative services and applications.
  • Champion Communication, Cooperation, and Collaboration among IT stakeholders at UC Davis. 
  • Advocate to improve alignment of IT investments with University strategy and goals and the overall IT strategy and principles.
  • Assess opportunities for emerging technologies and provide strategic direction regarding priorities for investment.

The CIO Council will represent input from broad stakeholder groups, as well as existing IT committees on campus, such as the Academic Senate’s Committee on Information Technology, the Deans’ Technology Council, and various security and risk committees.  In addition, we may convene ad hoc working groups to evaluate specific problems or opportunities.  In addition to the formal participation of Council members, various subject matter experts will serve in consultative roles and may be called on to attend meetings.