2016-17 computer specs for students now posted

You're a student at UC Davis, and you're getting a computer--maybe something from a store, maybe a machine brought from home. What features should it have to support the work you'll do here?

Each spring the campus updates its recommended computer configurations for students, and the guidance for 2016-17 is now available. These minimum specifications haven't changed much from last year, but please be sure your operating system software is current--Apple owners should be using OS X 10.11, for example.

You might want or need additional features, depending on your course of study.

The IT Express Service Desk refreshes the guidelines each year with help from other campus technologists who frequently work with students.

Regardless of the computer you have, you can also take advantage of on-campus computer rooms and labs operated by Information and Educational Technology that include printers and specialized software, as well as computers you can use at no charge. Read more in the IT Service Catalog.