Agreement with Sophos

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Information and Educational Technology (IET) is moving forward with an agreement to license Sophos anti-virus software for all departments, faculty, staff, and students. The use of anti-virus software is a high priority requirement of the campus Cyber-safety program. To encourage the use of anti-virus software, Sophos will be provided at no cost to students, staff and faculty.

IET anticipates that the Sophos agreement will be complete within the next 30 days. If your existing agreements with other anti-virus solution providers will expire soon, we suggest you consider letting the contracts lapse and migrate to Sophos. The Sophos agreement will provide anti-virus software for servers, stand-alone computers and hand held devices for five-years. The agreement will also include a client firewall, premium support, and a 5-day QuickStart roll-out during which Sophos' support team will be on campus. Discussions with campus technical staff are underway to determine how the 5-day QuickStart roll-out can be best utilized to benefit the campus. More information will be available soon.

This agreement concludes several months of product review and evaluation. Sophos anti-virus solutions were selected after technical testing of the three competitive anti-virus products by members of the TIF-CSI subcommittee and IET technical staff. Additionally, several other UC campuses have chosen to use Sophos antivirus campus-wide including UC San Diego, UC Los Angeles, UC San Francisco, and UC Riverside. UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, and UC Santa Cruz use Sophos in various facets on their campuses as well.

We will communicate the availability of Sophos products for campus use as soon as the agreement is completed. Licensed Sophos products will be distributed through the software website,, and via the 2006-2007 Internet Tools CD, due to be released during this upcoming fall quarter.

We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for your continued support; should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Software License Coordination Unit