ALERT! Selected Audio CDs Introduce a Computer Vulnerability

Software used on CDs to prevent illegal copying of music could create a virus or spyware vulnerability on computers running a Windows operating system. One publisher reports that about 50 CD titles use this technology and that these CDs are being withdrawn from retail sources. The CD publisher is developing a removal program, which is scheduled for release after 11/16/05.

To determine whether this copyright program is installed on your Windows XP computer:

  1. Open the Windows command prompt by clicking the "start" button and selecting "Run..."
  2. Type "cmd" at the prompt then click "OK". This will open the Windows command prompt
  3. In the new window, type "sc query "
  4. Press "Enter"

If the response includes "STATE: 4 RUNNING", then your machine has XCP running. You should visit the above Web site for the release of a new XCP uninstall program. If the response includes "The specified service does not exist as an installed service", then your machine does not have the program running. After running the above command, close the program box.

For additional assistance, contact the IT Express Computing Help Desk:

Phone: 530-754-HELP
Walk-in: 182 Shields Library

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