Guests Visiting UC Davis? Sign Them Up for Wireless Guest Access

UC Davis faculty and staff can offer their campus guests wireless Internet access. Accounts can be set up for one to seven days, and may be renewed for up to a total of 30 days. To create a guest account, faculty and staff must provide their guest's name, email address, and phone number.

Complimentary Email Forwarding

If you are retiring, graduating, or otherwise leaving the campus, but still wish to receive email from your UC Davis address, you may be eligible for a complimentary service that will forward your UC Davis email to an external address of your choice.

Campus Printer Repair Service Phased Out

Campus Printer Repair (CPR) has notified their existing campus clients that Hewlett Packard printer repair services will be phased out during spring quarter. Repair orders will no longer be accepted after April 14, 2006. A list of local repair vendors will be available on CPR's Web site after April 14.

IET Wins Communication Award for Online Grading Flyer

IET won a communication award for ?Submitting Final Grades Online? a flyer developed to provide information to faculty about submitting grades online. SIGUCCS sponsors annual communication awards to recognize outstanding publications developed at college and university computing centers.

2006 University of California Computing Sciences Conference

Computing Services staff and managers throughout the university will be attending the 2006 UC Computing Services Conference, held July 16-18, 2006 at the Price Center on the UC San Diego campus. The program features four tracks'security, academic and resear ch, business and finance, and emerging technologies?and explores the best in UC Computing Services. Registration information will be available online.