Banner Upgrade Successful

Banner, the software that manages UC Davis' Student Information System, was successfully upgraded to a new Web-based version, Banner 7, over Veterans Day weekend. Users will now access Banner via the Web at

Mock Upgrades Helped Team Prepare
Banner Project Manger Peter Brinckerhoff attributed the smooth upgrade to several factors, one of which was utilizing new hardware to develop the system. The upgrade team could test Banner 7 without affecting the existing Banner system. In fact, before the actual upgrade, the team staged three mock upgrades so they could understand and resolve any potential pitfalls.

Upgrade Team, Testers Worked Over Weekend
The transition to Banner 7 began at 5 p.m. last Thursday when the upgrade team took the Student Information System offline. On Saturday morning--earlier than expected--the team turned the system over to testers from each of the core offices: Student Affairs Office, Office of the University Registrar, Financial Aid Office, Undergraduate Admissions, Office of Graduate Studies, and Student Accounting.

The testers worked Saturday and Sunday and were responsible for verifying that the system and the data were functioning properly. On Sunday at noon during a scheduled conference call, each core office representative officially signed off on the new system. Once the signoff was given, the Banner team made the final preparations for Monday's launch, such as updating the Web links and enabling the log-in to the production server.

Banner 7 Launched Monday Morning
Although the Banner Help Desk was much busier than usual when the new system went live on Monday morning, most user problems were resolved quickly. Some problems (such as a font size issue for Macintosh users), will take more time to resolve; the Banner team is issuing updates as new information becomes available.

In the months leading up to the upgrade, Banner users and technical support staff received a variety of communications to help them prepare. Banner users were also encouraged to utilize the Banner Web site to find answers to their questions ( Numerous training sessions were also available for Banner users.

Going Forward
By Tuesday, calls to the Banner Help Desk had already dropped considerably. With no pending upgrades on the near horizon, Brinckerhoff said, "It's now back to business as usual for Banner." To learn more, visit the Banner Web site:

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