Breeze Software Used to Develop Interactive Case Studies, Virtual Office Hours

IET-Mediaworks continued to develop and produce several new instructional and outreach programs during Fall 2005. Utilizing the Maya and Macromedia Breeze applications, the Animation Group developed a series of online interactive case studies with Dr. Vijaya Kumari from the School of Medicine. The new program permitted students to augment lectures with Internet cranial nerve and eye muscle animation. By combing the two methods of learning, students were able to evaluate and diagnose patients with complex cranial nerve issues. Following the exercise, students participated in an online quiz to evaluate their knowledge of the topic. Students then evaluated the new learning tool, and all felt the program was satisfactory or better.

IET-Mediaworks also began using Macromedia Breeze to provide virtual office hours for faculty and students. Mediaworks staff worked with Professors Robert Blake and Martin Wilson to incorporate virtual office hours into their teaching, using the communication tools in Breeze Meeting. Students were able to log into Breeze Meeting from home, then communicate and share content in a collaborative learning environment. For more information about Breeze use on campus, email