Broader, More Secure Wireless Coverage Coming to Campus

A number of activities are underway to offer broader, secure wireless technology coverage on campus. Local Area Networking: the campus wireless networking policy is undergoing final review, and approval is expected this Fall.?During this review process, IET-Communications Resources (CR) outlined implementation and information dissemination plans for the policy.?The System?Engineering & Design?unit (SED) continues to investigate wireless gateway hardware for the management of campus?public wireless LANs, and added more access points to its wireless network over the summer, including an 802.11a system for emergency services. Wide Area Networking: AT&T Wireless Services has introduced General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) wireless data services to the greater Sacramento Area. An IET team is testing the service via PCMCIA cards for use in PDAs and laptops. This service could replace the current Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) service, and move mobile computing to a new level for campus customers in remote areas.? Optics: IET's System?Engineering & Design?is investigating the use of free-space optic?laser technology for quick deployment of?full duplex computing from?1?Mbps to 1.25 Gbps over distances ranging from 1000 feet to 2.5 miles. VoIP: the System?Engineering & Design?unit is testing a wireless VoIP product that transforms a PDA (with an 802.11b card) into a telephone and/or intercom system.?Tests have been very successful and will continue in the coming months.