Call for Proposals - Mediaworks ET Partners, Spring and Fall

The Mediaworks ET Partners pilot program is proving extremely successful this quarter. Now, Mediaworks is inviting additional faculty proposals for Spring 2002 and Fall 2002 (subject to funding). The program is designed to broaden technological understanding on this campus by helping faculty become more conversant with educational technology. It brings faculty members and specially trained student advisors together ? one-to-one. Their mutual objective for the quarter is to develop instructional projects related to the faculty member's teaching responsibilities by using current technology. Proposals will be evaluated with the primary consideration being the opportunity for faculty development. For Spring 2002, proposals are due to Mediaworks by 5:00 p.m., Monday, March 11, 2002. Additional details and the application form are available at Help with the application process is also available from Chris Sarason ( or 752-9545) at The Arbor, 165 Everson Hall. See Call for Proposals flyer (PDF) for additional information