Caller ID feature activated in EVM

On Tuesday, July 8, IET-Communications Resources turned on the caller ID feature for Enabled Voicemail (EVM). This new feature provides the EVM email subject line with all available caller ID information from the calling telephone (unless the caller has activated caller ID blocking or the information is removed in route).

For calls that originate from another campus voicemail subscriber, the EVM email subject line will include:

    --the calling number, and
    --that telephone subscriber's name

For calls that do not originate from another campus voicemail subscriber (i.e., off campus), the EVM email subject line will include:

    --the calling number only
EVM is an optional voice mail feature available free of charge to all campus voicemail boxes. It can deliver your voicemail messages (as attached sound files) to up to 3 email accounts, and it can send you an alert via email or text message (cell phone/alpha-pager) that you have received new voicemail messages. EVM can even filter your voicemail messages by priority, sending notifications or sound files only when you receive messages marked "urgent." This feature is particularly useful when you are away from your office for an extended period of time.

For additional information, to register, or to login to EVM, go to

If you have questions about configuring EVM, please contact the IT Express computing services help desk at (530) 754-HELP (4357) or by email at