Calling 3820 Chiles? Get the new phone number

Phone numbers are changing out at 3820 Chiles Road, the campus outpost in southeast Davis that's home to Repro Graphics and two units of Information and Educational Technology.

Repro Graphics, the campus printing organization, will switch to new numbers on Nov. 2, followed by most of the Chiles IET staff the following week. (A group working on the Banner project won't switch until Dec. 15.)

For the next six months, anyone calling the old numbers will hear a recording that lists the new number. Anyone sending faxes to 3820 Chiles should be sure to use the new number, since faxes sent to discontinued numbers won't go through, and senders won't hear the recording unless they wait by the fax machine.

The IET units at Chiles are the Vice Provost's office and Application Development.

The change was made possible by a recently established fiber-optic cable connection between the outpost and the main campus voice and data networks. The switchover saves money and gives the Chiles offices access to the same voice and data network services available on campus, at the same price and level of function.

The transition allows faster repairs, simpler administration, and telephone numbers that will align with numbers on the main campus. Employees at 3820 Chiles will also gain access to the campus's core voice and data network services during emergencies.