Campus adds servers to tackle email problem

Campus email administrators will add servers and move email accounts this weekend, with the goal of solving--before Monday--the email problems that have afflicted the campus this past week.

Administrators are adding three servers to the two main servers that usually process most campus email. They are also moving 12,000 accounts to the new machines. Rebalancing the account load should solve the problems, which were aggravated by demand. (The campus has about 52,000 email accounts total.)

The best way to check the status of the system through the weekend is to visit the update page here.

Campus email experienced intermittent outages again on Friday, as it has throughout the week. Email for thousands of users has been delayed during the outages, but no messages have been lost. As demand fell off each evening, campus email has returned somewhat to normal, and email administrators expect the same thing could happen again Friday night.

People who checked their email on the affected server on Friday afternoon were able to retrieve messages that had been sent to them before 8:30 A.M. Friday. Starting Friday evening, people who check their email will start receiving those messages that were sent after 8:30 AM. System administrators expect normal delivery of email throughout the weekend.

Staff at the UC Davis Data Center have been working with the application developer to discover the source of the original problem, and keep it from recurring. They have also been conferring with email administrators at the University of Florida, which has a larger but similar email system and has experienced similar disruptions.

For help, contact consultants at the IT Express Help Desk, (530) 754-HELP.