Campus adopts encryption policy

UC Davis has adopted an encryption policy to protect private information from prying eyes while preserving access for people who need it.

Adopted May 29, Section 310-75 of the campus policy manual applies to the storage of academic and administrative electronic information and its users.

The policy requires the use of whole disk encryption to encrypt computer systems which store restricted information if other protections are limited, and to encrypt the information if necessary to keep it from being stolen or misused. Encryption makes data look like gibberish to anyone who doesn't have access.

To help protect restricted data, Pointsec for PC whole disk encryption software is available to campus users. Information and Educational Technology will cover the cost of Pointsec for PC licenses for people and departments who show the need for encryption. For more information, click here.

The policy, part of a campuswide drive this spring to improve the security of personal data and discourage identity theft, includes definitions, responsibilities, exceptions and references.