Campus amends 'no cell-phone while driving' guidelines

UC Davis has revised its guidelines governing employee use and purchase of cell phones and similar portable electronics. Among other changes, it's now OK to use a cell phone while driving if the employee is an emergency worker, or is using the phone during an emergency.

Directive 07-035 is signed by Stan Nosek, vice chancellor for Administration, and Peter M. Siegel, vice provost for Information and Educational Technology. It revises Business and Finance Bulletin G-46, "Guidelines for the Purchase and Use of Cellular Phones and Other Portable Electronic Resources."

Section 7 retains language that tells employees they are expected not to use cell phones or similar equipment when operating a motor vehicle. The new exception applies only to emergencies or emergency personnel.

Another change adds a provision in Appendix A telling users to "exercise appropriate care and caution when using the equipment." Employees who signed the earlier version of the "Employee Agreement Concerning the Use of Electronic Communications Resources" should sign the new version, said a statement announcing the revision.

Learn more about the policy here.