Campus- and Wide-area Networking Improvements Underway

The Cisco Extended Long Haul Multiplexors at the Davis campus and at the Sacramento POP (1107 9th Street) are installed and tested. Incremental progress is being made toward commissioning the Metropolitan Area Multiplexors. These will complete the UC Davis and Medical Center connections to the new CENIC backbone. The Extended Long Haul Multiplexors are due to be replaced by less costly Long Haul Multiplexors in mid-October. In addition, the Davis and Medical Center Juniper border routers are in production. The first of two fiber optic paths from the campus to the Medical Center is complete and provisioned with Luxn Wave Division Multiplexors, and these units are carrying traffic. The second fiber path was completed at the end of August, making it possible to have fully redundant paths between the campus and the Medical Center by the end of September.