Campus- and Wide-area Networking Improvements Underway

All three of the UC Davis Campus CENIC Wide-area gigabit network connections ? Internet Service Provider (ISP), Digital California (DC), and High Performance Research (HPR) ? are up and running at full capacity, as designed. The three similar connections scheduled for UCDMC are up and running in an interim mode, pending completion of the CENIC Central Valley Path and the Sacramento Internet Service Point of Presence. During the interim period, ISP service to UCDMC is sharing the bandwidth of the UCDMC DC connection, and the UCDMC HPR connection is not a true diverse path from the Davis HPR connection. The final schedule for these activities has been extended to facilitate a deployment sequencing scheme that will avoid risk of service interruptions while a National Lambda Rail network is being built out.

Metropolitan area fiber connectivity to Cousteau Place, an off-campus office complex that houses campus Architects and Engineers as well as several research programs, is now in production, providing multi-gigabit speeds via diverse fiber paths. Planning is underway to extend this connectivity across Interstate 80 to reach other off-campus concentrations of university activities. (For information about CENIC, see