Campus Central Firewall Services Project Pilot Complete

To mitigate challenges facing departments interested in deploying firewalls, Information and Educational Technology, in conjunction with technical staff from across campus, formed a committee charged with evaluating firewall products and identifying a campus firewall solution. The committee has evaluated a number of products and selected NetScreen as a potential firewall provider for the campus. Testing of NetScreen (for the intermediate distribution frame, or IDF, level) was conducted in NetScreen laboratories and completed in November 2004. The selected products passed tests indicating they met established performance specifications. The next phase of the project, which began in January 2005, involves testing the product in the campus network environment under actual load conditions. The firewall committee will review findings from these tests and is expected to release a report in March 2005.

A detailed description of the NetScreen firewall product and service level options available to campus departments will be included in the committee's recommendation. It is expected that IET will offer the following four NetScreen firewall service level options:

?\tComplete turnkey service managed by IET
?\tDepartment-owned and operated service
?\tSparing service
?\tCustom installation service
Additional information about these service options and the status of this project is available on the Computer and Network Security Web site at