Campus Computer Rooms: What Can They Do For You?

Campus Computer Rooms: What Can They Do For You?

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Whether you need to print quickly, add spiffy effects to a project, or check your email, a computer room is the place to be. With sixteen campus locations to serve you, there's always one close by.

Almost every computer room has what you're looking for, but there are a few locations designed to meet particular requirements. The only thing you have to ask is, "What do I need to do today?"

I Just Need to Check My E-Mail/Print a Paper!

In general the open-access labs at the MU Station (MU 177), 163 Shields, 75 Hutchison, and 15 Olson are the best bets if you want to check your e-mail or print quickly.

You are allotted 100 pages of free black and white printing per quarter. (After 100 sheets, each sheet will cost 5 cents.) This number, in essence, doubles if you print on both sides of the page, and multiplies again if you print more than one page per side! The Computer Room Consultant can show you how.

  • Tip: To speed the printing line, log out after you have opted to print your documents; they will still print.
  • Tip: Color printing is available for $1.50/sheet at Meyer Media Lab (1154 Meyer Hall).

I Need Access to a Computer Before My 8 a.m. Class!

The MU Station and Olson 15 open at 7:30 a.m., Monday to Friday.

I Need Some Sophisticated Technology

If you're looking for advanced software, Meyer Media Lab, located in 1154 Meyer Hall, is just a short bike ride from the center of campus. If your computer is a low-powered machine, Meyer's superior hardware and software can help you add that extra spice to your projects.

Here are just a few of the many technologies available:

  • Mac G5 workstations (fastest Mac processor available)
  • VHS to DVD transfer stations
  • Film and flatbed scanners
  • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign programs
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver & Flash
  • Apple's Final Cut Studio
  • iLife, featuring iMovie, GarageBand, iPhoto, and more

I Need to Review Class Media!

If your instructors have placed video or audio tapes at the Hart Hall Media Distribution Lab, you can drop by to access them during lab hours.


Located at 1101 Hart Hall, this media lab features VHS and DVD viewing stations as well as cassette tape copiers. You can take the cassette copies you make home with you, but all movies must be viewed on site. You can, however, take as much time as you need to watch films.

I Need to Write an Essay/Get Online!

In addition to the media labs mentioned above, there are two types of computer rooms. Each one has standard word processing programs and Internet access.

  • Classrooms: Featuring PCs or Macs, these rooms are open to anyone'but only when classes are not in session.
  • 1131 Meyer, 73 & 93 Hutchinson, 2020 Sciences Lab Building, 1102 Hart Hall, and 1, 21, & 27 Olson

  • Open Access Rooms: Classes are never scheduled in these rooms.
  • 15 Olson, 163 Shields Library, 75 Hutchinson, MU Station

To browse a constantly-updated chart showing the number of available seats in each computer room, visit For an overview of computer room hours, including holidays, visit And don't forget to check out the "Computer Rooms and Wireless Access" map insert found in the latest edition of Hypertext.