Campus support for Eudora ends July 1

It's used infrequently, and no longer meets campus cyber-security standards. So, starting July 1, the IT Express Campus Computing Services Help Desk will no longer support the Eudora email program for Windows or Macintosh operating systems at UC Davis.

IT Express will continue to support seven other email programs. But after June, if someone on campus calls for anything more than basic information on Eudora, they will be referred to Eudora's help files or other sources.

Few calls are likely. Eudora was used for less than 1 percent of all campus email messages in April 2009 as measured by a sample of SMTP traffic logs, down from about 7 percent in July 2008.

Worse, Qualcomm, which owns Eudora, stopped updating the email program in October 2006. The lack of security updates means Eudora no longer meets campus cyber-security policy PPM 310-22.

IT Express consulted with managers of Information and Educational Technology's Data Center and Client Services department, and IT Security Coordinator Bob Ono, before deciding that it no longer made sense for service desk consultants to spend the time needed to stay current on Eudora. IT Express continues to support these email clients on campus:

--Windows: Outlook Express 6, Windows Mail 6, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Thunderbird 2

--Macintosh: Entourage 2004, Entourage 2008, Apple Mail 2, Apple Mail 3, Thunderbird 2