Campus will begin blocking Windows XP on Aug. 27

As first announced last May, UC Davis will permanently prevent computers that use Windows XP software from accessing the UC Davis network starting on Wednesday, Aug. 27.

Microsoft stopped updating the 13-year-old operating system software in April. That means XP is no longer safe enough to use on the campus network or with secure UC Davis assets.

If you're using a machine with an XP or older Microsoft operating system, you'll be prevented from signing in when you try to enter your campus (CAS) passphrase. You will see a screen explaining the block and asking you to use newer software.

People with uConnect or other selected campus Active Directory accounts (used for email, calendars, and similar purposes) will also be blocked starting Aug. 27 if they are still using XP or other old Microsoft OS.

By starting on Aug. 27, the block takes effect more than a month before the beginning of the fall term.

This phase is the final part of this year's "Warn, Delay, Block" project that has reduced the number of XP machines that connect to the campus network, from nearly 4,000 on an average weekday in the spring to perhaps several hundred now. Beginning in May, people using the software saw a warning notice and 15-second login delay before they could type in their CAS passphrase. In June, the delay grew to 30 seconds.

Read more at IET's Windows XP website. Please direct questions or comments to the IT Express Service Desk at 530-754-HELP (4357).