Campus will switch to 7-digit dialing on Dec. 22

The way you make a phone call from a campus phone will change a little, starting on Monday, Dec. 22. Beginning that day:

  • If you're calling a campus phone number, you will need to dial the full 7 digits. Five-digit dialing will no longer work. To make the call, just add "75" to the front of the 5-digit campus number you want to reach.
  • To reach an off-campus number, you will no longer dial "9" (for calls inside the 530 area code) or "91" (for calls outside the 530 area code). You'll just dial the 7- or 10-digit off-campus number directly, like you would now on a cellphone.

One caution: If you use auto-dial programs that use the 5-digit numbers, or that use the "91" or "9" for off-campus access, then you will need to update the programs to accommodate the new procedure. Auto-dial numbers can be found in FAX machines, alarms, modems, and similar equipment.

Communications Resources, part of Information and Educational Technology, is making this change to prepare for two other changes coming in 2015. The first, early in the year, will be a change to the campus voicemail service. Next will come the switch to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) system, where phone calls travel over the data network instead of the traditional phone network. IET will post more information about those changes next year.

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