Centralized Active Directory and Exchange Services Augment Existing Service

IET and Office of Administration collaborated over the past year to develop a centralized campus Exchange service as an augmentation to the existing campus Active Directory Service. Office of Administration (OOA) is nearing completion of its project to migrate approximately 1,400 staff members to this new service. Once the OOA migration is complete, IET will start converting its 300 staff members to the service, thus enabling shared calendaring and file sharing across divisions. Standardization on methods for group policies, email services, and automated security and system updates are among the other anticipated benefits. The centralized Exchange services (hosted by the Data Center) are now ready for full campus use, at a rate of approximately $8 to 10 per month per user. A number of campus units have already started using the service (Office of Research, Office of Resource Management and Planning), and several others (e.g., Student Affairs) have expressed interest (windows.ucdavis.edu/Win2kAD).