Change in Centralized Support for Scientific Computing

Dear Colleagues:

I write to inform you of a change in centralized support for scientific computing, which includes scientific and analytical applications support for faculty, staff, and students. Over the last few years, the centralized IET Scientific Computing Support Group, has seen a gradual but steady decline in requests for support, as campus departments have elected to invest in and develop their own decentralized support. At the same time, the State budget crisis has resulted in very significant reductions across virtually all of the campus, including Information and Educational Technology (IET). Over the past six months IET has carefully reviewed all of its services and support to identify those that must be reduced or eliminated to meet our budget reduction assessment.

The consequence of the declining demand for centralized scientific computing services in the face of increasingly scarce resources is that we will no longer be able to continue the services provided by the Scientific Computing Support Group. We regret the impact this may have on some of our remaining clients and are available to discuss options and alternatives relative to your particular needs. We are committed to providing transition assistance as may be necessary as this service is phased out over the next few months. If you need transition assistance, or have concerns or questions please send email to or call 752-6285.

Morna Mellor
Data Center and Client Services
Phone (530)752-5127
Fax (530)754-5268