Change improves off-campus access to library resources

World-class researchers. International scholars. Undergrads studying abroad. Telecommuters. More than ever, UC Davis faculty, staff and students need easy access to UC Davis library resources from all over the world. A new service will help that happen.

This summer the University Library, working with Information and Educational Technology and the School of Law, started offering access through a virtual private network (VPN). The technology creates a secure connection between remote locations and the campus network, making it easier for authorized individuals off campus to use the library's materials. Until now, off-campus users had to use a proxy service to get access, which restricted certain licensed materials to on-campus use.

The change responds to faculty requests for more seamless access to the library's resources. (Access by proxy server will continue to be offered until it's no longer needed.)

The VPN allows access to more materials, increases security, and doesn't require users to change their browser settings. All they need is an Internet connection, campus login ID, and Kerberos password. For help using the VPN option with licensed resources, contact a librarian subject specialist or email the library. To learn more or to log in using VPN, click here.